This award is presented on an irregular basis to a student employee or volunteer whose contribution to the Center for Gender Studies has been outstanding and well above and beyond the call of duty.

It is named for two former student assistants whose work made an enormous impact on the development of the Center for Gender Studies in earlier years. One of these students, Susan Freedman, filled an unpaid position as a Research Associate of the Center in the 1991-92 academic year, during which her efforts were crucial in helping us to launch the research aspect of our program and to establish the Center as a presence on the Radford University campus. The second student, Sudie Back, was the Center's graduate assistant in 1995-96, the year of our first Student Research Conference on Gender. Dr. Back's talent, enthusiasm, and outreach skills were critical to the establishing of this conference. We honor and celebrate the excellent work of these two former students in naming this award after them.

At the Center, we have indeed been
fortunate in benefiting from the skills and commitment of such stellar students. In addition to Back & Freedman, this time, we have also recognized the outstanding work of another student, Johanna Trumbull.

Johanna was the official graduate assistant for the Center for one and a half years. Her competence, efficiency, creativity, reliability and optimism have helped us to accomplish our goals during this time with less anxiety than we had a right to expect, given the number of things that had to be done. Her presence in the Center's office for just ten hours a week on average provided the assurance that questions will be handled by someone with excellent judgment, that crises will be met with intelligence, calm and good humor, that communications will be sent in a timely and articulate manner, that, in short, the many threads that must be woven together to create the pattern that is the Center for Gender Studies will be handled carefully and gracefully. In recognition of, and in gratitude for, her substantial and important service to the Center, we were pleased to present her with this award.
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