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Center for Gender Studies Staff: Fall 2015-- Spring 2016
Dr. Hilary Lips, Director & Board Chairperson. Professor, Psychology
Email:  Tel: (540) 831-5387 Web: Psychology Profile
Home Page:
Ms. Rachel Turk, Graduate Assistant
        Graduate Student: Counseling Psychology (Psy.D.) Program
Tel (540) 831-6644
         Former Office Info
Center for Gender Studies Faculty & Student Advisors: Fall 2015-- Spring 2016
Dr. Jeffery Aspelmeir. Professor & Chair, Psychology 
Email:  Tel (540) 831-5520  Web: Psychology Profile
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Dr. Tracy Cohn, Associate Professor, Psychology
Email:    Tel (540) 831-6890   Web: Psychology Profile
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Dr. Carla Corroto, Assistant Professor, Sociology 
Email:  Tel (540) 831-5857  Web: Sociology Profile
Dr. Ann Elliott. Professor, Psychology
Email:  Tel (540) 831-5790   Web: Psychology Profile
Dr. Sarah Hastings. Associate Professor, Psychology. Director: Counseling Psychology Doctorate (Psy.D)  Email: 
Tel (540) 831-6163  Web: Psychology Profile
Home Page:
Dr. Rebecca Scheckler. Educational Technologist in the School of Nursing
Web: Health & Human Services Profile
Email:   Tel (540) 831-7663  

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