Center for Gender Studies Advisory Board Meeting

Sept 12, 2017

11:00-12:00, CHBS 4400

·         In attendance: Wayne Andrew, Jeff Aspelmeier, Ann Elliott, Justine Jackson, Hilary Lips, Theresa Schroeder, Allison Wisecup.

·         Introduction of Board Members (Our new Graduate Assistant starts next week)

·         Photograph of Attending Board Members

·         Board Members Individual Photos, Departments, Positions, and Contact Information

·         Summary of accomplishments from 2016-2017 academic year—see below

·         Goals for coming year

o   Sponsor at least one panel/professional talk each semester

o   Co-sponsor Fifth Annual Psychology Department & Center for Gender Studies Research Symposium (Tues Dec 5th, 2017.  4:00-7:00 p.m).  More information will follow. Student research projects from all Departments welcome.

§  Abstract Deadline: Friday, November 18th

§  Poster Submission Deadline: Friday, November 18th

o   Sponsor a Gender session at the RU Undergrad/Grad Research Forum—April 17-19. Abstracts due March 2nd.

o   Sponsor the Keynote address speaker for the Gender session at the RU Undergrad/Grad Research Forum.

o   Co-sponsor activities/professional talks with other organizations, departments, offices on campus (such as SCI, Title IX, SAVES Office, Psych, Sociology, Communications, Spectrum Student Organization etc).

o   Build more connections across campus--Recruit more student and faculty research collaborators to use the Center & resources we have to offer.

o   Distribute Kemp Awards

·         Scheduling times and gaining access to the Center

o   Dr. Elliott & GA maintain Calendar for Director’s office (email her or GA to schedule use)

o   Dr. Elliott & GA maintain Calendar for Computer usage (email her or GA to schedule use—tentative calendar also posted on door)

o   Keys—

§  Faculty who expect to use CGS can check out key from Administrative Assistant in Psych Dept (Stacie Whitlock, CHBS 5104, phone x6711). Get K3 because it opens all rooms.

§  Students who expect to use CGS and are approved by Dr. Elliott will be given permission to check out a K2 key which provides access to all computer rooms but not to Director’s Office or data storage room. If students need access to Director’s office, arrangements can be made with Dr. Elliott.

o   Door signs now available—(instructing research participants to come in, wait outside etc)

·         Website and Computers

o   Thanks to Wayne Andrew for all he does for center re website, computers etc.

o   We need to increase use of CGS and computers for research purposes.

o   Dr. Elliott emailed all Dept Chairs, all faculty associated with Women’s and Gender Studies, all other people on campus who we know of who are interested in gender-related issues and research. Board members---please help spread the word as well. We want the center used!

·         Ideas for Panel Presentations and potential speakers for Fall and Spring

o   Possible Panel Topics (still in very draft form!)

§  Disney princesses and pop culture (Justine Jackson, Matt Smith???, anyone from linguistics?? New faculty in psych???, others?)

§  Federal changes to campus reporting re sexual assault (Title IX officer, others???)

§  Women’s health issues—(in honor of Andy from Starbucks—women presenting with different symptoms that may be overlooked etc)

§  Nursing and Gender stereotypes--(male nurses, medics, military, others?)

§  Gender representation of Female Athletes (Allison Wisecup?, Director of Athletics, others?)

o   Possible local guest speakers (CGS is creating an ongoing list)

§  RU & VT Faculty or members of community for the panel presentations

§  Marisela Rosas Hemphill

o   Possible guest speakers from out of town—to keep costs reasonable, ideally recruit professional colleagues from regional institutions with whom you have a personal connection. (CGS is creating an ongoing list)

§  Dr. Rebecca Krietzer—UNC Chapel Hill—abortion policy (Friend of Theresa Schroeder)

§  Dr. Ilja Luciak—VT—Women in revolutions—Cuba & Central America (Theresa Schroeder knows her)

§  Dr. Amy Ginsler at WV Tech—something regarding adolescent sexuality?? (Jeff Aspelmeier knows her)

·         Kemp Awards Criteria & Electronic Applications Form for $25-$250 dollar awards for Student Research. ONLY doing a FALL call for proposals. Will only do Spring call for proposals if monies remain after Fall proposals. Flyers with additional information have been emailed. Total we have to spend this year is $825.

·         Spectrum Student Organization—Plan continued collaboration with them. President of Spectrum will be using CGS for research this semester.

·         Updates re software for qualitative/and transcription purposes

o   Nvivo too expensive for CGS to purchase.

o   Looking into IBM Watson Analytics—Higher-up in IT at RU like this program.

o   Sociology has Express Scribe Pro.

·         Any other ideas or suggestions?

Board Meeting Closing ~ September 12th, 2017

Summary of Accomplishments of CGS in 2016-2017

Open House in Fall

Awarded Kemp Awards Fall and Spring

Created and Distributed LGBTQ Resource Manual for Spectrum student organization


1).The 4th Annual Department of Psychology Research Symposium (December 8th, 2016).  Organized Gender session of the Psychology Department Research Symposium. Recruited student speakers, coordinated program descriptions, and facilitated session.

2). Organized Center for Gender Studies session of Student Engagement Forum. (April 19, 2017).  Recruited speakers, directed publicity, coordinated with Joe Wirgau for room arrangements, etc.


Gender, Leadership and the Presidential Election, Research and Conferences, University. (November 2, 2016). Sponsored Panel Discussion with three guest speakers: Dr. Hilary Lips, Dr. Theresa Schroeder, and Mrs. Kristina Contreras.


Women of change, women of courage: Appalachian activists. (April 19, 2017). Keynote address by Dr. Theresa Burriss, Chair, Appalachian Studies, Radford University.

Assessing Higher Education: Sexual Assault Reporting by Liz Karns, (MPH, JD). Senior Lecturer in Department of Social Statistics, at Cornell University. (April 4, 2017).

Negotiating first salaries: Train the Trainers by Liz Karns, (MPH, JD). Senior Lecturer in Department of Social Statistics, at Cornell University. (April 4, 2017).

Adding it up: Economic Consequences of Sexual Assault by Liz Karns, (MPH, JD). Senior Lecturer in Department of Social Statistics, at Cornell University. (April 3, 2017).

Organizer and Sponsor through Center for Gender Studies, Center for Gender Studies session of  Student Engagement Forum, Research and Conferences, University. (April 19, 2017).  Recruited speakers, directed publicity, coordinated with Joe Wirgau for room arrangements, etc.

Co-sponsor, Oriented Film Screening, Film Screening, University. (April 17, 2017). Organized by Jeremy Mobley of the Scholar-Citizen Initiative, the Center for Gender Studies was one of several co-sponsors including the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Peace Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and the Sociology Club.

Co-sponsor, Reflecting on a Princess and a General: Carrie Fisher and the History of Women and the Moving Image, Research and Conferences, University. (March 16, 2017).

Organized by Dr. Michael Meindl from the School of Communication, this panel discussion was co-sponsored by the Center for Gender Studies, Department of Theatre and Cinema, and the Women and Gender Studies Program.


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