The Daily Diary Study of Incidents Affecting Possible Selves                      
Current Research at Radford University's Center for Gender Studies                     
A Brief Introduction
Funding & Support
Study Investigators:
    Hilary M. Lips, Ph.D., Greg Kerwin, Margaret Haynes,  Carly Saunders
    Department of Psychology & Center for Gender Studies

General Note:
For a brief overview, visit the: Gendered Dreams, Gendered Fears research page.

Participants & Other Interested Parties:
     For those of you who are participating, and others who may have heard about it from friends,  we appreciate your interest in this study.  Established participants have already completed a  brief questionnaire about themselves and their plans for the future.  Their participation involved a commitment to complete the Daily Diary Questionnaire twice a week, each Monday and Wednesday evening, for four weeks, beginning next week.  This questionnaire asked participants to list things that happened to them during the day they complete the form or the day before.  In particular, it asked each participant to list interactions or events that caused her or him  to think differently about her or his self and his or her abilities and potential accomplishments.  The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete each evening, and it is important that it be done regularly and submitted  at the agreed-upon time.  The completion and submission of the questionnaire responses was done online, by following the instructions.  If this was not possible for participants, arrangements could be made to complete paper copies of the questionnaire and turn them in on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If any volunteer felt uncomfortable answering any question on the questionnaire, she or he was free to not answer and to discontinue her or his participation at any time.
Funding & Support:
Funding for the "Daily Diary Study of Incidents Affecting Possible Selves" is provided by a two year grant from the St. Albans Foundation and by the Radford University Foundation. Radford University through the Department of Psychology and the Center for Gender Studies provides computing and other technical support.