Students' Visions of Their Futures
Gender Studies_Research_Surveys
as developed & investigated by
Hilary M. Lips, Ph.D.

Previosly Director: Center for Gender Studies & Women's Studies
     For a brief overview, visit, or revisit, the: Gendered Dreams, Gendered Fears research page. Summer research completed the collection of survey data for comparative analyses obtaining nearly four hundred Radford University student responses to the Possible Futures Survey ( © H. Lips, 2000). Qualitative data analysis was conducted in the Fall (2002).  Though analyses have been completed and reviewed, these results are not yet available on line. Further details, please contact Dr. Hilary Lips. The Survey provides a more general component complementing the research on students' current and possible, academic self-views. An HTML version of the actual survey is online and available upon request. Although not available online, there is also a survey form A which differs from form B only in the order in which the two sets of 25-items are presented to respondents. Together, forms A and B enable counterbalancing for order effects. Testing indicated that their are significant order effects.  We expect to develop a version of both forms that can be completed and submitted online, but have delayed this phase of the research..
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