Dr. Jeanne Mekolichick with Ms. Melissa Bellows
and Ms. Morgan McGinty:
"Benefits of Transitional Supportive Housing for Survivors of Domestic Violence: Some Preliminary Findings"

Research demonstrates the critical need for transitional supportive housing (TSH) for survivors of domestic violence, yet the presence of such programs around the country is inconsistent, and where programs do exist, little consensus has been reached on what aspects of these programs are most beneficial (Melbin, Sullivan and Cain 2003). In order to demonstrate the need for TSH programs among granting agencies, research on the need and successes of these programs is paramount. Further, to be competitive for the little money that does exist, extant programs must be able to show the efficacy of their programs. This paper provides initial descriptive data of a TSH program evaluation. Discussed in conclusion are other aspects of the evaluation for the TSH and long-term project plans.
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