Dr. Albert C. (Brack) Smith and Ms. Gina Squarzoni:
"No Girls Allowed: The Attack on the Non-traditional Mindset of Young Females"

The theme of the presentation by Dr. Brack Smith and Ms. Gina Squarzoni is "No Girls Allowed". Within this theme, they examine four aspects of a female's life during which she keeps getting signals that she should probably not pursue, or get too interested in being in charge or running the "show", regardless of what "show" it is. In each of these four aspects, she continues to receive reinforcement of the idea that women are not to be too aggressive or even involved in situations where they exhibit "take charge" behavior. In this talk, Dr. Smith and Ms. Squarzoni examine the home/family environment when young females are "little girls", their educational system environment, their society-at-large/the media environment, and their corporate environment. The presenters note how each of these entities, in its own way, keeps saying to young females, "No Girls Allowed".
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