Curriculum Vitae for the Center for Gender Studies
  2010 Conference Keynote Speaker 

~ Gregory Scott Kerwin ~

Applied Psychology Program                                       Office Tel: (717) 671-3000

Degree Completion Program                                        Cell Tel: (914) 393-3890

Albright College                                                           Email:

2601 Market Place, Suite 330                                      Webpage:

Harrisburg, PA 17110                                                

Academic Experience--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

§  Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Applied Psychology Program.  Albright College, Degree Completion Program (2009-Present)


§  Ph.D., Social Psychology, March 2010 (expected), University of Connecticut

§  M.A., Experimental Psychology, December 2002, Radford University

§  B.A., Psychology/ Sociology (Major/Minor), May 2000, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Master’s Thesis Committee:

§  Jeff Aspelmeier, Hilary Lips & Donald Hall

Dissertation Committee: 

§  Gayle Bessenoff, Mary Crawford, Diane Quinn, Cheryl Beck & Nancy Naples

Teaching Experience--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Applied Project I

Spring ’10

Albright College

Topics in Psychology

Fall ’09

Albright College

Quantitative Methods (Stats)

Fall ’09

Albright College

Research Design

Fall ’09

Albright College

Men and Masculinity

Spring ’08

Connecticut College

Intro to Social Psychology

Fall ’07 & ’08

University of Connecticut

Psychology of Women

Fall ’06

University of Connecticut

Research Methods Lab                  

Fall ’05, Spring ’07 & Fall ’08

University of Connecticut

General Psychology II Lab

Spring ’05

University of Connecticut

General Psychology I Lab

Fall ’04 & Spring ’08

University of Connecticut

Introduction to Psychology

Fall ’03 - Spring ’04

Iona College

General Psychology

Fall ’03

Queensborough C.C. (CUNY)

Introduction to Psychology

Fall ’01 & Spring ’02

Radford University

Principles of Psychology

Summer ’01

New River C.C.


 Course Format:

§  Lecture: Topics in Psychology; Quantitative Methods; Research Design; Introduction to Psychology; Social Psychology; The Psychology of Women

§  Seminar: The Psychology of Men and Masculinity

§  Lab: Research Methodology (writing intensive and quantitative); General Psychology Lab I (quantitative); General Psychology Lab II (discussion/interactive) 

Research Interests-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

§  Overall: Applied social psychology with a strong emphasis on the self, stigma, and gender. 

§  The majority of my research has concentrated on social comparison processes, thin-ideal internalization and self-discrepancy theory in relation to the development and maintenance of female body image disturbance. 

§  My present research focuses on how individuals with concealable stigmatized identities manage prejudice and construct their identities. 

o   I am particularly interested in the effects of labeling and the process of deviant identity imputation and renegotiation for anorexic women.

§  In the future I intend to continue investigating issues relating to gender, but I will extend my research into the field of men and masculinity.

§  Finally, in order to cultivate my teaching aptitude and better serve my students I plan to study the effectiveness of both existing and innovative teaching techniques and assessment tools.                            


Kerwin, G. (2009). Starving for perfection or identity: Stigma management and the career of pro-anorexia. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, University of Connecticut.

Kerwin, G. (2002).  If looks could kill: The relationship between social comparison processes and body image. Unpublished Masters Thesis, Radford University.


Crawford, M., Kerwin, G., Gurung, A., Khati, D., Jha, P., & Regmi, A. C. (2008). Globalizing beauty: Attitudes toward beauty pageants among Nepali women. Feminism & Psychology, 18(1), 61-86.

Kerwin, G., Bessenoff, G. & Aspelmeier, J. Real beauty: Self-enhancement to robust model imagery via attention to situational cues.  Manuscript under review for publication.

Bessenoff, G., Chavkin, A., & Kerwin, G. Positive effects from thin-ideal media exposure: The dual roles of contingencies of self-worth and heightened situational responsiveness. Manuscript in preparation for publication.

Kerwin G. & Ouellette, K. Anorexia as a concealable stigmatized identity: The moderating effect of thin-ideal internalization. Manuscript in preparation for publication.

Kerwin, G., Di Berto, G. & Bessenoff, G. To be or not to be: The relationship between self-esteem and wanting to be thin versus not wanting to be fat. Manuscript in preparation for publication.    

Professional Presentations------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kerwin, G. (2010, April). Starving for Identity: A grounded analysis of the pro-anorexia movement. Invited keynote address at the 13th annual Gender Studies Conference, Radford University, Radford, VA. 

Kerwin, G. & Di Berto, G. (2009, March). Less is more: Social comparison, thin-ideal internalization, and self-esteem. Poster submitted to the 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Women in Psychology.

Kerwin G. (2008, December). When “normative discontent” turns abnormal: The thin-ideal, body image disturbance and disordered eating. Invited talk to be present at Southern Connecticut State University.

Kerwin G. (2007, March). For better or worse: Media and body image. Invited talk presented at the Connecticut College psychology colloquium series.    

Kerwin, G. & Bessenoff, G. (2007, February). The potential benefits of affirming the self for body image self-discrepant women. Poster presented at the 8th annual convention of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology.

Kerwin, G., Bessenoff, G. & Aspelmeier, J. (2006¸ May). Thinspiration: Self-enhancement by high self-monitors after exposure to thin-ideal imagery. Poster presented at the 18th annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science.

Kerwin, G. & Bessenoff, G. (2005, January).  Assigning controllability: Attribution of personal responsibility and weight evaluation. Poster presented at the 7th annual convention of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology.

Kerwin, G. (2001, March). In the eye of the beholder: The relationship between media consumption and body dissatisfaction among men and women. Paper presented at the 6th annual Research Conference on Gender at Radford University.

Kerwin, G. (2000, June).  The relationship between media exposure and body dissatisfaction.  Poster presented at the 12th annual convention of the American Psychological Society.

Theses Supervised-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ouellette, K. (2008). Perceptions of anorexia as a concealable and conspicuous stigmatized identity. Undergraduate Honors Thesis.

Biesen, J. (2009). The effects of pro-ana ideology: An experimental examination into of website exposure and mediating effects. Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Supervised Student Professional Presentations----------------------------------------------------

Neason, L. & Kerwin, G, (2010, May). Viewing Age as Opportunity: Optimism and coping with post-parenthood. Poster presented at the 22nd annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science.

Strahn, J, Martin, S, Lord, C. & Kerwin, G, (2010, May). Handsome or Hilarious: The associations between attractiveness, humor, and relationship satisfaction. Poster presented at the 22nd annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science.

Kerwin, G, Kalin, D. & Schmutz (2010, March). Believing Dreams Foretell: The relationship between dream analysis and superstitious thinking. Poster presented at the annual convention of the Eastern Psychological Association.

Kelly, R. & Kerwin, G. (2009, April). Keeping with tradition: Representations of masculinity in Disney films. Paper submitted to the 17th Annual Conference American Men’s Studies Association.

Ouellette, K. & Kerwin, G. (2008, May). Perceptions of anorexia as a concealable and conspicuous stigmatized identity. Poster presented at the 20th annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science.

Brown , S., Kerwin, G. & Crawford, M. (2007, February). The introduction of beauty pageants in a developing country: Competing pressures of modernization and traditionality on the identities of Nepali women.   Paper presented at the 19th annual on Conference on Women & Gender at the University of Connecticut.

Joseph, T., Dal Zin, D. & Morgan, E. (2006, May). The negative effect of conservative political/religious beliefs and lack of exposure on homosexual acceptance. Poster presented at the 18th annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science.

Field & Research Experience-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

§  Lab Coordinator (Fall ’03-Spring ’07) for Gayle Bessenoff, University of Connecticut.

o   Managed research group focusing on body image and norm internalization.     

§  Project Assistant (Fall ’03-Fall ’04) for Lucia O’Sullivan, HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies at the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

o   Research group focused on conducting HIV and STI prevention work.  Primary research responsibility involved conducting a series of structured interviews addressing sex, gender, and relationship issues with young heterosexual men.     

§  Data Manager (Summer ’03-Fall ’04) for Susie Hoffman, HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies at the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

o   Research group focused on conducting HIV and STD prevention work.   Duties included assembling a quantitative interview item skip pattern using QDS software, data entry and management, and editing and cleaning data imported into SPSS.               

§  Statistical Consultant (Summer ’03) for Richard Neugebauer, Epidemiology of Brain Disorders Department at the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

o   Epidemiological research group that examined the feasibility, safety, and efficacy of interpersonal counseling for depressive reactions to miscarriage/fetal death. Duties included scouting hospital sites for sample potentiality, and providing statistical analyses using SPSS.

§  Graduate Research Assistant (Fall ’00-Spring ’01) for Hilary Lips, Radford University.

o   Gender studies center committed to gathering and disseminating information to further understanding of women and men.  Duties included conducting literature reviews, allocating undergraduate research assistant responsibilities, managing and scheduling study sessions, administering semi-structured interviews, transcribing taped interviews, and using NVIVO software to create coding schemes and analyze qualitative data.              

§  Research Assistant (Fall ’99) for Julia Jacks, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

o   Social lab concentrated on the dynamics of attitudes and perceptions, particularly the processes involved in resisting attitude change. Duties included running subjects, entering and checking data, examining experimental designs, and studying current and past research on related topics.

§  Research Assistant (Spring ’98-Spring ’99) for Kurt Bonieki, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

o   Social lab focused on the social-cognitive processes that influence the formation, activation, and application of stereotypes and prejudice. Duties included running subjects, acting as a confederate, recruiting research participants, entering data, and examining experimental designs.

Grants, Honors & Awards--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

§  Co-PI on a small faculty grant ($624) from the UConn Research Foundation.

§  Teaching Fellowship from Radford University.

§  Radford University Student Research and Creative Activity Grant ($1000).

Professional Service-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

§  Albright College IRB Committee Member  

o   Reviewed student IRB proposals 

§  Albright College Psi Chi Co-Advisor, 2009-Present

o   Coordinated Psi Chi Recruitment and the Induction Ceremony 

§  Colloquium Committee (Social Psychology Division of the University of Connecticut), 2005

o   Scheduled speakers and coordinated their research presentations.

§  Recruitment Guide, 2006-2009

o   Provided department, campus and city tours to prospective doctoral students.

§  Graduate Mentor, 2007-2008 

o   Provided guidance for new doctoral students to ease their transition into graduate school.     

Editorial Reviews (Ad Hoc)------------------------------------------------------------------------------

§  Journal of Personality & Social Psychology

§  Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology  

Professional Affiliations------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

§  Eastern Psychological Association

§  Association for Women in Psychology

§  American Men’s Studies Association

§  Society for Personality and Social Psychology

§  American Psychological Society

§  Division 35 of the American Psychological Association

§  Psi Chi (National Honor Society in Psychology- Albright Chapter)



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