Gender Scholarship in 2012 at RU1
1 Speakers' Biographies by Karmen Rizzo ~ Graduate Associate ~ Center for Gender Studies
Paige Cordial is a 3rd year student in RU's doctor of psychology program. A native of West Virginia and graduate of Berea College in Kentucky, she plans to live and work in an under-served area of Appalachia after she earns her PsyD. 
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Natisha Gomes is in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Masters program. Received her B.A. in Psychology and Black Studies at The College of William and Mary. She is pursuing a career in consulting, specializing in Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action Plans, and Adverse Impact.  
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Alynn Gordon is a graduate student in the experimental psychology program, starting PhD program in Experimental Psychology in the fall at Kent State.
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Stephanie Gusler is a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in history. After graduating from Radford, she plans on attending graduate school to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology.
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Alysia Hoover-Thompson is a third year doctoral student in the PsyD program. She will be moving this summer to begin her internship year with Stone Mountain Health Services where she will work as a Behavioral Health Consultant in an integrated primary care office. She plans to continue work in rural integrated care, as well as research on women and body image.
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Timothy Kennedy is a senior Psychology student graduating in May of 2012. He is the Diversity Promotions Coordinator of the student government association, and a volunteer at the RAFT Crisis Hotline. After graduation, he plans to return to Fairfax Virginia where he will continue his education.
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Sarah Kerper is a second year student in the Experimental Psychology program. She interested in social psychology, mainly intergroup relations and prosocial behavior. She is hoping to pursue a career in research, perhaps for the government, private company or non-profit.
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Elizabeth Schulte is a student at Radford University; please contact her for additional background information.
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Savannah Simpson is a graduate student in the clinical psychology program. She will be an intern at NRV CSB in The Bridge program this fall. She plans to go into a doctoral program following graduation.
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Jed Stalker is graduating this semester with an MA in English and hope to teach literature someday.
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