"And Love is Fire": the Stories of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
 2012 symposium presentation by:
Jed Stalker
RU Advisor:
 Dr. Renee Dickinson
Abstract.   This is a large project intended primarily as a teaching tool. It is a multifaceted text, composed of several elements. The first portion of the text is the complete text of Barrett Browning's "Sonnets from the Portuguese," together with my annotations of those sonnets and a running commentary on the meta-story of the sequence. The second portion is a short story which condenses much biographical information about Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett into one reader-friendly and engaging ("o soul, we must be meek" says EBB) document. The last portion of the project is a journal-length essay in which I argue for the need to appreciate Barrett Browning as both a female and a religious writer. Also included in the project are introductions written both to the student, explaining my goals in composing of the text as well as some suggestions as to how to go about reading it, and to the teacher, explaining the pedagogical ideals that fueled the project and some thoughts as to how it might be best used in instruction.
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