Is She Worth Less? Planning a Gender Pay Gap Workshop
 2014 symposium presentation
Kasey Campbell & Rori Holford

RU sponsor:
Dr. Hilary Lips
Abstract.   “What is the average pay for men and women in my field?” “How do I negotiate my salary?” “What are the signs of workplace discrimination?”
Questions like these are important considerations for female college students preparing to transition to professional workplaces, given the statistics on the gender pay gap. Today, a woman earns, on average, 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. Because of this, a woman loses $434,000 in income over her lifetime. To bring awareness to income inequality on Radford University’s campus, “Is She Worth Less? Gender Pay Gap: A Day of Talks and Workshops” on March 31, 2014, was the objective of a collaborative interdisciplinary effort through an applied gender studies independent study. This presentation will discuss the process of planning the event and how it contributed to further knowledge about the current disparity.
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