"Do Attachment Styles Moderate Pluralistic Ignorance and Infidelity in Dating Relationships"
Rachel Given & Shelby Barr    Faculty Mentor: Jeffery Aspelmeier
Center for Gender Studies Poster Forum ~ 4:30 to 5:30pm ~ Heth 022
"The present study investigates the presence of pluralistic ignorance in attitudes about infidelity in serious committed relationships with attachment style as a potential moderator. The subjects are 100 undergraduate students at Radford University, who are at least 17 years of age or older and of any gender. The study was administered through an online survey, and records data through self-report measures of attachment (the Relationship Questionnaire; Bartholomew & Horowitz, 1991; and Experiences in Close Relationships-Revised; Brennan, Clark, & Shaver, 1997), a demographics questionnaire, and author constructed questions about participantsí own attitudes about infidelity and participantsí beliefs about the average Radford University Studentís attitudes on infidelity. It was expected that self-ratings of comfort with infidelity would be significantly lower in levels than ratings made for the average Radford University students perceived ratings of infidelity. Also, It was expected that those who are the fearful or preoccupied attachment style will also report more extreme levels of pluralistic ignorance, while those who are dismissively attached will not be expected to report pluralistic ignorance. It was also expected that those who are securely attached will report moderate levels of pluralistic ignorance.".
Keynote 2018 Forum Speaker
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