"The Effects of Experimenter Gender on Gender Role Attitudes in an Online Survey"
  Student Author(s): Amanda Chappell  
Faculty Mentor(s) Dr. Jeff Willner
Forum Gender Studies Showcase ~ 4:30 to 5:30 pm ~ Heth 022
"Several researchers have found that the gender of the experimenter has affected their results when conducting research face-to-face with participants. Experimenter gender can have an impact on a variety of topics, including reports of pain, levels of aggression, and reported attitudes of gender roles. Although this is an issue that researchers are aware of, most researchers fail to include the gender of the experimenter when describing the methods of their study. The gender of the experimenters may not only influence the reactions of the participants within the experiment but also may be a reason why there are replication problems within the field of psychology. In the current study, college-aged participants will complete an online study. The participants will view an informed consent page which will include the names of either two male researchers or two female researchers. Then, participants will complete six surveys and answer some demographic questions. The main survey of interest will assess attitudes towards gender role stereotypes. It is expected that for gender stereotypes, males will report more conservative and traditional attitudes than females. Male experimenters may produce more traditional gender stereotypes for both male and female participants. Although we know that experimenter gender can affect in-person studies, this study is the first to assess whether participants may be influenced by the gender of the experimenter in an online format."1
Keywords: gender, demand characteristics, attitudes
    Amanda Chappell
1Page 99   2019 Annual Student Engagement Forum 
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