"Infidelity and Trust in Relationships"
Lataja Allen, Elijah Dashiell-White, Akira Harris
Faculty Mentor:  Pamela Jackson

Center for Gender Symposium ~ 5:15-6:30pm ~ Heth 22
Many college students desire a committed relationship. While interpersonal connections are important, these committed relationships are not always compatible with the individuals’ current environment or how they plan to achieve their future goals. This incompatibility, can lead to infidelity and trust issues. This study will examine the ways in which infidelity affects how much individuals trust their partners, and whether a specific gender shows higher rates of infidelity. A survey will be conducted through the SONA system, targeting approximately 150 male and female students at Radford University. The survey will contain demographic questions, The Trust in Close Relationships Scale (Rempel, Holmes, & Zanna, 1985), and other questions regarding past relationships and experience with infidelity. It is anticipated that females will develop more trust issues after becoming a victim of infidelity. However,it is expected that males will admit to involvement in infidelity more frequently than females. These findings are expected due to the societal gender norms in the American culture.
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