"Women's Risk of Sexual Aggression in Bar Culture"
Rachel Dotson
Faculty Mentor:  Nicole Petersen

Center for Gender Symposium ~ 5:15-6:30pm ~ Heth 22
Current research shows that women are at a high risk for experiencing sexual aggression in bar settings. This study will use video scripts of intoxicated actors and actresses, who will be acting out different levels of intoxication, towards the end of the video they will experience some sort of sexual aggression (grabbing around the waist/sexual comments). Participants will be asked to watch the videos and then fill out a brief survey on their perceptions of the drunk actor or actress. They will also be surveyed about their perceptions of bar culture and their own personal experiences within bar settings. This includes any history of sexual assault, of physical assault within a bar setting. It is predicted that drunk female actresses will receive a more negative evaluation from participants (both male and female) than the drunk male actors. The more intoxicated a female actress appears to be the higher likely hood that she will be blamed for any sexual aggression she experiences, as opposed to her male counter part who is acting out the same level of intoxication. Perceptions about the who is responsible for preventing and causing sexual assault are important for understanding why these types of assaults occur.
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