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     Many years ago, we began to recruit people to join us as oin us as Friends of the Center for Gender Studies, a campaign which was initially chaired by Marie Waters and Jo Alderman. The Center for Gender Studies much appreciates the contributions that have already been made by its friends and associates and much of the credit for this campaign's success belongs to to groundbreaking work of Marie and Jo. We'll always be grateful to both of them for their efforts. In the past these contributions were acknowledged within the Center's online  Annual Reports; however, the reports are no longer placed online so we feel it is important that they be given special founders recognition here. 
      The Center is very grateful for the support we received in initiating its mission.  The following list indicates many, but not all of those founding and early supporters: 

Dr. Jill Alcorn, Ms. Jo Alderman, Dr. Mary W. Atwell, Alliant Techsystems, Ms. April Asbury, Ms. Karen Asquith, Ms. Sudie Back, Anne C. Borthwick, Dr. Thomas Bruneau, Ms. Dawn Bullen, Dr. Beth Carlson-Nelson, Dr. Jeffrey L. Chase, Ms. Billee P. Connolly, Dr. Sue Peterson Conrad, Dr. Steve Culver, Mrs. Cassandra Jefferson-Davis, Dr. Ann Elliot, Ms. Anna Fariello, Ms.Linda Farynk, Dr. Ann S. Ferren, Ms. Laura Jane Fincen, Ms. Susan Alexandra Freedman, Ms. Janet M. Hahn, Dr. Alastair V. Harris, Ms. Eleanor Harris, Ms. Sue Plunkett Hill, Ms. Lucy E. Hochstein, Dr. Diane M. Hodge, Mr. James H. Hughes and Dr. Jan N. Hughes, Ms. Bonnie Hurlburt, Dr. Pamela A. Jackson, Ms. Brenda Lott, Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Majoy, Dr. Dottie Mercer, Ms. Cynthia Louvenia Mikoychik, Ms. Margaret W. Moore, Dr. Nancy W. Morehouse, Dr. Belinda Overstreet, Dr. N. Pearson, Dr. Thomas Pierce, Ms. Harriet Mauck Regen, Dr. Nora P. Reilly, Mr. Robert Richards, Mrs. Emily Wilkinson Stallings, Dr. Paula H. Stanley, Dr. Ellie Sturgis, Honorable & Mrs. James C. Turk, Dr. Janet Wagner, and Dr. Marie Waters.

      We thank all of them, the Department of Psychology and many others in the more recent years. Even though we no longer seek funding via online contributions, other forms of collaboration have been, and remain essential to the Center's mission. Please visit
 A Brief Overview for Center Friends and Supporters for details regarding our mission..


         Ann Elliott
                                                          Director:   Center for Gender Studies,
                                                                               Department of Psychology
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