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Alcohol on Campus
Drinking - Binge Drinking - Alcohol Abuse
Provided below are direct links to policy, research and programs concerned with the
problems of student intoxication and substance abuses on university campuses.
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Radford University's   Alcohol Taskforce   Foundational Plan
   National            Websites    
Facts About College Drinking sponsored by NIAAA, the National Institution on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. A general site providing links to research, facts about alcohol drinking and abuse, college and university policies, news and listings of other web-related sites.
College Drinking -Changing the Culture: a comprehensive resource site by NIAA.GOV
What You Can Do -- About Alcohol and Substance Abuse on Campus
Coalition of Higher Education Associations for Substance Abuse Prevention
(CoHEASAP) focuses on alcohol and other substance abuse issues. The CoHEASA Home Page maintains a web site on policies, programs and related links.
SADD OnLine, Binghampton University Student Association's Students Against Destructive Decisions is website emphasizing peer-to-peer education that invites contributions from students' experiences: poems, stories and information that will aid this cause. NCADD - Substance Abuse
The NCAAD site provides online access to information regarding alcohol addiction, alcohol treatment, and alcohol rehab in addition to information regarding other forms of substance abuse
Addressing Alcohol Use on Campus. The U.S. Department of Education's center for alcohol and other drug abuse and prevention online resources. Through the Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Violence Prevention, EDC helps college and community leaders develop, implement, and evaluate programs and policies to reduce student problems related to alcohol and other drug use and interpersonal violence. What is Alcohol Addiction?
Healthline addresses this question by providing six links: Overview, Symptoms, Treatments, Outlook, Complications and Resources. Heartline focuses its "..efforts on offering readers and visitors to our site objective, trustworthy, and accurate health information, guided by the principles of responsible journalism and publishing."
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