Gender Studies
4400 College of Humanities & Behavioral Sciences

Agreement for the Eleanor E. Kemp
Memorial Research Fund Awards
I, ____________________________________, understand that I will use the funds provided by the Eleanor E. Kemp Memorial Research Fund awarded from the Center for Gender Studies for the purpose outlined in my proposal and that I will notify Dr. Elliott if the project changes or if the funds need to be used for a different purpose. Additionally, I agree that if I no longer require the funds provided by this award, the money will be returned to the Center for Gender Studies so that it may be used to fund the research of another student. I also understand that it is expected that I acknowledge the Center for Gender Studies in any presentations or publications that I have regarding this study. I also understand that the Center for Gender Studies hopes that, if possible, I will present my results in the Spring at the Radford University Student Engagement Forum in the section of the forum sponsored by the Center for Gender Studies. Finally, I also understand that before funds can be released, I will need to complete the Radford University Expenditure Request Voucher (FO-1) and the Payment Request Voucher (FO-2) for tax purposes.
   Last Update November 31th 2021  
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