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20013- 2014
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  Award Recipient (s) Celebrated at the Center for Gender Studies'
Annual Research Conference / Symposium on Gender
2011-2012 Paige Cordial "Effect of Mountaintop Removal on the Mental Health of Central Appalachians"
2010-2011 Joshua Bradley "Understanding Social Advocacy through the Views of Mental Health Practitioners"
2010-2011 Alynn Gordon Gendered Career-Family Attitudes Among Current-Generation University Students"
2009-2010 Kayla Huntley   "Themes of Femininity and Power in the Portrayal of Women Leaders"
2008-2009 No award recipients     
2007-2008 Erin Carroll  "The Role of Mood on Reports of University Citizen and   Deviance Behaviors"
  Chelsea Newton  "Exploring Who Does and Does Not Sign Virginity Pledges Among
 Homosexual Adolescents"
2006-2007       Cora Taylor  "The effects of social anxiety disorder in the classroom"
   Kimberly Childers "The effects of level of collaboration on everyday decision-making task performance among romantic college partners"
2005-2006 Nicole Reed
 "Teacher Experience and Gender Bias in the Identfication of ADHD"
  Jennifer Davis
"Transitional Supportive Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors"
2004-2005 Christina Parker &
Kimberly Culpepper
 "The Relationship Between Gender, Dominance, and Self-Esteem"
  Morgann McGinty
"Transitional Supportive Housing for Survivors of Domestic Violence"
2002-2003 Jacki Quinlan
2001-2002 No award recipients
No Awards Presented for this Academic Year
2000-2001 Jessie Zahorian
"Gender Differences in Perception of Commitment and Sexual Intent"
  Shaun Richardson
Sarah Grindstaff
"Attributed Problem-Solving Skills of Professionals with Gender-Typical and Gender-Atypical Occupations"
  Carly Erin Saunders
"Academic Self-views: Gender Differences in Current and Possible Selves"
1999-2000 Michelle Rice "Female College Students and Perceived Relationship Problems in Powerful Roles"
1998-1999 Jill Cook "Gender, Focus on Physical Appearance, and Feelings About Powerful Roles"
1997-1998 Maria Zanardo

Samantha Lively
"The Impact of Women in Advertisements on Sexual Attitudes"
"Location Strategies Used by Hippocampal Lesioned and Non-Hippocampal Lesioned Rats"
1996-1997 Vonita Brim

Jamie Lee Feguson
"Sociocultural influences on self-reported perceptions and attitudes related to body image"
"The perception and treatment of mental illness in colonial America"
1995-1996 Magdalene E. Drewnowski
Justin A. Lofurno
"Does the Gender of a Leader in a High Adventure Recreational Activity Effect Assumptions about the Leader and the Activity"
 "The Effects of Shift Work and 'Morningness' on Hospital Employees"
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