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To honor the memory of Dr. Eleanor E. Kemp, a founding member of the Center for Gender Studies and a dedicated teacher in the Department of Psychology for many years, a fund to encourage and support undergraduate and graduate student research scholarship has been established. Awards will be made as incentives to complete promising research proposals made by undergraduate or graduate students in the Psychology Department or those working on psychology-related topics. Particular emphasis will be given to supporting projects that will result in the presentation of findings at professional meetings and/or their publication in scholarly journals. Awards from the fund may support the costs of travel to conferences, or of supplies and other expenses of carrying out the research. Awards may range from $25 to $250.

Since Dr. Kemp's own field of expertise was experimental social psychology, special--but not exclusive--emphasis will be given to student projects in that area. Emphasis will also be given to topics related to gender and/or women.
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Fall Deadline - October 2nd, 2017 
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