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1999 Fulbright New Zealand-United States Distinguished
American Scholar Lectures

Massey University. Art

Massey University - Albany

Massey U. Art
Professor Hilary M. Lips, Ph.D.

1999 Fulbright NZ=U.S. Award Recipient

Organized by the  New Zealand [NZFGW] Federation of Graduate Women
        The full text of Dr. Lips' two Keynote Addresses and several other talks she gave while in New Zealand can now be viewed by clicking on the appropriate titles below. As presented, they represent a combination of type written notes, outlines with hand written corrections and a series of PowerPoint slides and overheads; this is in part because the talks represent a combination of on going research projects. We regret that the request to post all her New Zealand talks on the website, could be met.
        Those that we have been able to meet are highlighted below. Click on any active titles to follow our links to her New Zealand public lectures and selected images from those lectures.
Major Titles & Themes
New Zealand Distinguished American Scholar
Dr. Hilary Lips' Lecture Series
Links to New Zealand Lecture
Locations & Hosts' Web Sites
Educational Pathways to Power: Keynote Address: 2000 & Beyond - Women in Education
New Zealand Federation of University Women
Massey University, Albany
Gender, Power & Leadership: Gendered Perceptions of Power.
Awards, Rewards & Gender:
The Invisibility of Women's Achievements.
Massey University, Albany - Auckland University - Victoria University of Wellington
Investigating Gender & Power:
a researcher's journey.
Massey University, Palmerston North
Attraction & Ambivalence:
Gendered Perceptions of Power.
University of Waikato - Massey University, Palmerston North - Victoria University of Wellington, University of Otago
Peering into the Kaleidoscope:  Cross-cultural Perspectives in the Psychology of Women and Gender
(A New Psychology of Women - gender, culture & ethnicity).
Women, Education & Economic Participation:
Feminization of Poverty, the Glass Ceiling, Pay Equity, Work-Family Balance & Women in a Learning Society.
Gendered Possibilities: Academic Choices & Pathways to Power.

Major Titles & Themes: NZ Lectures            NZ Lecture Series Locations, Dates & Hosts' Web Sties
Gender Issues:
Alcohol   Substance Abuse   Assaults
Gender Sources
Gender Wage Gap In:
the U. S. & Worldwide

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