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Muse Banquet Hall                  A Day of Talks & Workshops     Monday March 31st, 2014
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The Organizing Committee Composition Includes Two RU Professors and Two RU Students
"Since I had a moment, I thought I would respond about the reason why I'm involved with the Gender Pay Gap workshop. I found out about the Center for Gender Studies last year, and approached Dr. Lips about the possibility of doing an independent study to contribute to CGS. She spoke about her work on the gender pay gap, and we talked about a more hands-on approach to women's income inequality as the basis of my independent study, entitled "Applied Gender Studies." After some research, we found that workshops such as this have been starting to make a difference in young women's lives on college campuses. Given excellent support from the Scholar Citizen Initiative, I think we have created a good event to fit in with Women's History Month, and hopefully get at least a conversation started about the gender pay gap. I have learned quite a lot about planning an active interdisciplinary event on a college campus, and I hope that Radford University students will find that it was an event worth attending!"
 Ms. Kasey Campbell
     March 27, 2014
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