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Present ...
Equality is Hard to Achieve
a presentation by

 Dr. Miriam Liss


Dr. Mindy Erchull

Areas of Expertise:
 Psychology of Women,
Parenting, Division of Labor, Autism, Self-injury, Sensory Processing
Areas of Expertise:
 Objectification and
 Sexualization of Women
 Psychology of Women

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Presentation Time & Location
4 - 5 p.m. ~  Monday, October 13th ~ 2014
Heth Hall 22  ~ Radford University ~ Radford, VA

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Miriam Liss, Professor of Psychology at the University of Mary Washington, earned a Ph.D. (2001) and M.A. (1998) in clinical psychology at the University of Connecticut, after receiving a B.A. (1995) with high honors in psychology from Wesleyan University. She is a clinical psychologist and is widely published in the areas of feminism, division of labor, and parenting as well as in the areas of autism and developmental disorders and self injurious behaviors. Her articles have been published in numerous psychology journals including Psychology of Women Quarterly, Sex Roles, Journal of Child and Family Studies, Autism, and the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences. She has been interviewed for her work on intensive and attachment parenting for the Washington Post,, and Live Science. She was recently named one of Princeton Review’s Best 300 Professors. She is the author of the book Balancing the Big Stuff: Finding Happiness in Work, Family and Life, to be published by Rowman and Littlefield press in August 2014.   Mindy J. Erchull, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Mary Washington, earned a Ph.D. (2005) and an M.A. (2002) in social psychology from Arizona State University, received a B.A. (1998) in psychology from Connecticut College. Her research interests include objectification and sexualization of women, feminism and feminist identity, psychological aspects of reproductive health, and attitudes about menstruation. She also has broad training in social psychology, health psychology, psychology of women, women’s health, social influence, statistics and research methods. In addition to research and academic training in these areas, Dr. Erchull serves as a consulting editor for Psychology of Women Quarterly, Women’s Reproductive Health, and Gender Issues. She regularly reviews manuscripts for other journals including Sex Roles, Health Care for Women International, and Basic and Applied Social Psychology and has published in Psychology of Women Quarterly, Sex Roles, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and Health Psychology ...  Click on her name for more
Contact info for Miriam Liss:  
  Tel: (540) 654-1552
  Contact info for Mindy Erchull:
  Tel: (540) 654-1557

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Presentation Invitation

This Event is Open to the Public
Admission is Free ~ Bring Your Friends
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