"Are Girls Still Nurses and Boys Still Doctors?
Gendered Occupational Segregation: A Persistent Issue"
Presented by Dr. Katie Lawson
  RU Lawson Flyer Heth Hall  043
4 p.m. Monday, October 12, 2015
Radford University
 RU Presentation Abstract
~ Images from Dr. Lawson's 2015 Alumna Presentation & Visit at Radford University ~
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Dr. Katie Lawson - Post-Presentation Interactions - RU Students & Faculty
Dr. Hilary Lips (right) & Dr. Katie Lawson (left) looking "outward" from a the Center &  Psychology's New Home to a time when, spurred by research such as hers, occupational choices will be founded much more on interests and talents, much less on gendered opinions

Dr. Lawson's Presentation & Visit Sponsored by the College of Humanities & Behavioral Science's
Center for Gender Studies  and  Department of Psychology

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