The Center for Gender Studies is pleased to introduce ...
  __RU's Fulbright Scholar in Residence  

Phelele Tengeni: Fulbright Scholar @ Radford University
Presentation Synopsis and Views
Phelele's Tengeni's Fulbright Sponsors
Dr. McClellan, Dir. International Studies Dr. Charles W. McClellan
  International Studies

Chairperson:  History
Click for Dr. Franck's Web Page Dr.Matthew J. Franck
Political Science
Click for the Int. Ed. Center Staff Dr. Joseph Flory 
       International Education Center

Speaking on
    "Women and Politics
       in South Africa"
         1:00 p.m., October 7th,
                      Heth-Lounge B
                    Admission Free,
            Seating is Limited
   Hosted by Radford University's
   Center for Gender Studies and
       and the Women's Studies

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