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Transphobia is Bad for Health: Social Exclusion, Mental Health, and Well-Being among Trans People in Ontario, Canada
Dr. Robb Travers
Social exclusion is linked to various forms of health inequities among marginalized populations in North America. Transgender people experience high rates of discrimination in their workplaces, in various service settings, and among their peers and families, in contexts that often preclude a lack of formal human rights protection. Trans PULSE is a community-based research project undertaken in Ontario, Canada; 433 trans people completed an 87 page survey designed to explore the scope of social exclusion in their lives and its effects on their health and well-being. High incidences of mental health challenges including depression, low self-esteem and suicidality were documented, and were specifically linked to experiences of discrimination. In addition to key project findings, Dr. Travers will discuss some of the successes behind Trans PULSE, including the unique community-based approach of the project.
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