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Dr. Christi H. Weer ~ Salisbury University"Can we really have it all?            
The implications of commitment to           
personal life roles on job performance: 
A study of female, non-managerial  
Presented by                                                                       
Dr. Christy H. Weer ~ position update     
Associate Professor: Management & Marketing       
Associate Dean: Perdue School of Business       

Salisbury University       
Presentation Time & Location                       Original Presentation Flyer by ~ Christi Byrd ~
Wednesday, November 19th ~ 2008 ~ 4:00pm         
The Bonnie Auditorium  ~ Radford University ~ Radford, VA        
Presentation Themes
Dr. Weer’s talk will focus on the relationship between an employee's commitment to a wide array of non-work roles (family, community, religious, leisure, and student) and his or her job performance. She examines two competing frameworks for understanding this relationship: conflict between work and nonwork roles, and reciprocal enrichment between work and nonwork roles. Her research is based on matched supervisor/subordinate data from 186 female legal secretaries.
Presentation Invitation
Dr. Weer's talk is open to the public.  Admission is free.

Background Information
     Academic Degrees: Ph.D., Drexel University, 2006      Current Courses and Selected Publications

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