Gender, Children and Corporate Culture: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same Panel 1 ~ the Gendered Marketing of children's Toys ~ Center for Gender Studies 2011 Conference
 a 2011 symposium presentation by:
Lauren Genz
RU Advisor: Dr.  Carla Corroto
Abstract.   In the US, gendered expressions can be found in all facets of corporate consumer culture. The rigid constructions of stereotypical gender are common place in the media, in the world of retail consumerism, and therefore infiltrate products developed for children. The present study involves observation and content analysis at a popular national retail store, with the goal of determining what gender messages are conveyed to consumers by the items of infant clothing that are for sale. I found overt expressions of traditional gender stereotypes within the categories of items for purchase, as well as within the items themselves. This research also uncovered a new trend involving gender neutral items that may simultaneously challenging and reifying gender. My findings have implications for socialization, including that expressions of gender are intentionally woven into all children’s products with the goal of translating these messages to even the youngest consumers.
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