Paige Cordial ~ Speaker ~ the Center for Gender Studies 2012 Conference
The Effects of Mountaintop Removal on the Mental Health of Central Appalachians Living Near Surface Mines
 2012 symposium presentation by:
Paige Cordial
RU sponsor: Dr. Ruth Riding-Malon
Paige Cordial Presentation ~ the Center for Gender Studies 2012 Conference
Abstract.   Mountaintop Removal coal mining (MTR) has been linked with a number of deleterious environmental, economic, community, and physical health effects in Central Appalachia. However, researchers have yet to give much attention to the possible mental health effects of MTR on those directly affected by it. Anecdotal reports from Central Appalachians living near MTR mines suggestPaige Cordial with Dr. Hilary Lips (left) & Dr. Emily Keener ~ 2012 Conference on Gender that mental health problems may commonly result from MTR activities. In addition, research on environmental problems with effects similar to MTR has revealed associations between environmental destruction/pollution and grief and stress responses. My paper explores the literature from several disciplines and various types of sources to produce initial hypotheses about the probable mental health effects of MTR for those who live in communities near these surface mining operations. In addition, I briefly describe my own original research on mountaintop removal and overall wellness that I am currently carrying out.
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