Alysia Hoover-Thompson ~ the Center for Gender Studies 2012 Conference
Objectification of Women: The Role of Self-Compassion
2012 symposium presentation by:
Alysia Hoover-Thompson
RU sponsor:
 Dr. Sara Hastings
Alysia Hoover-Thompson Presentation ~ the Center for Gender Studies 2012 Conference
Abstract.   Sexual objectification is harmful to women’s psychosocial health, leading to increased body surveillance, body shame, and decreased self-esteem. Sexual objectification perpetuates social injustice, depriving women of opportunities to feel comfortable in their bodies and to experience life without the added strain of needing to monitor or enhance physical appearance. Last year, in a Major Contribution to The Counseling Psychologist, Szymanski and Carr (2011) called for social justice initiatives surrounding empowerment of female clients. In that same collection of articles, Szymanksi, Moffitt, and Carr (2011) advocated the need for further research about women who objectify other women. This session will present findings from a study examining self-objectification and objectification of other women.
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