Rural Lesbians’ Perceptions of the Impact of Coming Out Within Family Relationships: A Qualitative Investigation
2014 symposium presentation by:
Jennifer Glass, M.S. ~ Adjunct Faculty
RU sponsors:
 Dr. Sara Hastings  &  Dr. Tracy Cohn
Abstract.  Disclosure of sexual orientation to family members is one of the most difficult challenges lesbians and gay men face; furthermore, coming out often changes several aspects within the family system, as relationship dynamics, alliances, roles, expectations, and boundaries may shift. Previous research has mainly examined the perspectives of urban and metropolitan dwelling family members when they learn someone is gay or lesbian and neglected the unique experiences of rural individuals. This study aims to explore changes that occur within a family system after disclosure of sexual identity, specifically for rural and nonmetropolitan lesbians through a qualitative approach. Utilizing semi-structured interviews, genogram construction, and grounded theory analysis, the author will identify the main themes that arise in rural families once individuals reveal their status as a sexual minority.
Program-2014   Keynote Speaker   Center for Gender Studies   Psychology   Women's Studies
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