"The Role of Perceived Organizational Support on the Relationship between Emotional Labor
 Counterproductive Work Behaviors"
  Tori Sheets ~ Michaela Setzer ~ Hediye Uyguner
Faculty Mentors: Benjamin Biermeier-Hanson and Jenessa Steele
Psychology 2018 Poster Session I  ~ 5:30 to 6:30 pm ~ Heth 014
"The main purpose of this study is to further research the relationship between emotional labor and counterproductive work behaviors (CWBs). The literature reveals that there is a strong relationship between these two constructs (Bechtoldt, Welk, Hartig, & Zapf, 2007). Previous research has assessed different variables that may influence this relationship. Emotional intelligence (Jung & Hoon, 2012) and personality (Raman et al., 2016) have been found to be significant moderators. There is also a positive relationship between POS and deep acting, a form of emotional labor (Mishra, 2013). In addition, here are several theories that support this relationship, social exchange theory Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchison, & Sowa, 1986), conservation of resources theory (Hobfoll,1989) and the attribution theory (Raman, Sambasivan, & Kumar, 2016). Based on the information presented, it is predicted that the relationship between emotional labor and CWBs will be moderated by POS. Increased POS will reduce CWBs and decreased POS will increase CWBs. A questionnaire was developed to assess this moderated relationship. The data for this study is still being collected through Qualtrics and findings will be presented."
Graduate Student  Industrial Organization  Researchers  ~ Michaela Setzer   Hediye Nur   Tori Sheets ~ From Left to Right
Keynote Engagement Forum Speaker
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