Are Lead Female Characters Really Leading?
  Student Author(s) Ashley Ralston, Devon Johnston, Petre McSwain, Giovanni Ruiz  
 Faculty Mentor(s)  Dr. Pei-Chun Tsai
Forum Gender Studies Showcase  ~ 4:30 to 5:30 pm ~ Heth Lobby
"Bechdel test is defined as identifying whether or not a film plays upon gender stereotypes and or has a sexist portrayal of women (Meara, J., 2016). The Bechdel test focuses on the non-diverse number of movies that has at least two leading females spends little to no actual time talk amongst themselves. Specifically, about subjects that do not pertain to a single male or multiple males. Meaning that even though these are considered female leading films are they really female leading if said females arenít having much discussion. The existing literature discussed the history, effects, prevalence of the topic on the Bechdel test (Scheiner-Fisher, C., & Russell, W., 2012). Our groups project plans to apply the Bechdel test to analyze selected movies and we would like to analyze what characters have done the most of talking, if they were not the leads or female as well as what the topics are being discussed about. Will the leads be discussing more topic of more importance or will the background characters?"1
Keywords: Bechdel Test, gender stereotypes, sexist portrayal of women
1Page 100  2019 Annual Student Engagement Forum  
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