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"Bargaining with Patriarchy: A Study of Young Married
       Meskhetian Turk Women in the United States"

       A Center for Gender Studies Invited Address by
Hulya Dogan
djunct Faculty: Sociology 
Radford University

     The Presentation is Open to the Public ~ Admission is Free
Presentation Location & Time: 
    Location: Heth 043 ~ Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 p.m. ~ February 13, 2019 ~  Radford University, Radford, VA.
Presentation Overview 1
"Social norms among immigrant groups coming from patriarchal communities are changing at differing rates in the US. Based on an ethnographic study of women's social groups and networks in a community of Meskhetian Turk immigrants recently settled in the United States, this study explores the effects of migration on gender roles and power. As a strictly patriarchal community, expectations about education and participation to workforce have shifted in the United States. Women’s attending to college and working outside of home are normative. Despite all of these changes, women still are expected to perform all household and child-rearing activities. Interviews with young Meskhetian Turk women are used to illustrate the conflict between norms about education, workforce, and family. Many young women resolve this normative conflict by giving preference to family over work and education. They postpone their education if they are expecting a baby and complete their higher education degree after their babies are born. As a prolonged stateless community, Meskhetian Turks aim to establish their lives in the United States. In this study, I propose that the motivation to establish a homeland in the United States strengthen women’s bargaining with patriarchy to participate in higher education and workforce while they are fulfilling their duties at home. They hope to have sons in order to advance their position as a mother and then mother in law. I conclude that women’s life-long struggle is in fact a technique of negotiating with patriarchy, and, in so doing, they not only internalize the culture which rests on their subordination but also reproduce it in older age in exercising power by oppressing other junior women".1Dr. Hulya Dogan
Areas of Research
Migration and refugees, displacement and statelessness, transnationalism, gender, identity, anthropology of  religion, multi-sited ethnography; Middle East, Central Asia, and North America": Also See  Dr. Dogan's Dissertation
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Empowering Refugee Women Project with Radford University Students 
About Me
"Dr. Dogan completed her Ph.D. in Anthropology at Texas A&M University in August 2016, in addition to an interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies. Her research and teaching interests include a geographic focus on the Middle East, and a topical focus on migrants and refugees in a global context. Her dissertation, entitled “Conceptions of Homeland and Identity among Meskhetian Turk Refugees in the U.S. and Turkey: Intersection of Gender, Generation and the Religion in Diaspora”, focused on the Meskhetian Turks, a Muslim ethnic group that has experienced multiple displacements, violent persecution, and ongoing exile over the past seven decades."
   Education ~ Dr. Hulya Dogan    
     Ph.D.   Texas A&M University
     M.A.   University of Houston
       B.A.    Bogazici University
     RU Contact Information
      Dr. Hulya Dogan
      Voice: 540-831-6046
      Office: CHBS 3116
      Radford University ~ Radford, VA
For More background Information Please Visit: Dr. Dogan's 2018 Resume
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