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           Age and Gender Dimensions of Migrant
       Detention in the European Union

A  Gender Symposium Keynote Address by
Dr. Iuliia Hoban
Visiting Assistant Professor: Political Science 
Radford University

The Presentation is Open to the Public ~ Admission is Free
      Presentation Location & Time  
Location: Heth 022 ~ Time: 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. ~ Wednesday  April 24th ~  2019 ~ Radford University, Radford, VA.
      About Me                                       Presentation Abstract
"Dr. Hoban's research interests are in international security and conflict in areas of inquiry, which deal with issues of childhood across various settings. Her current researchexplores the variation in counter-terrorism responses of liberal democracies toward children who were recruited to participate in conflicts in the Middle East and ultimately returned to their home countries.Other interests include issues that emerge from the dynamic interrelationship between law and war".
"She also applied her research skills in NGOs and think tanks such as Watch List for Children and Armed Conflict 2019Watch List 2017  and  2016 Annual Reports and the Institute of World Policy (Kyiv, Ukraine) and the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking (Denver, CO) where her major responsibilities focused on analysis and research of multidimensional factors and aspects of human rights violations."
Education Dr. Iuliia Hoban

   Ph.D.   Rutgers University
   M.A.   University of Denver
     B.A.   Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
    RU Contact Information
      Dr. Iuliia Hoban
      Voice: 540-831-6598
      Box 6945 ~ CHBS Bldg
      Radford University
      Radford, VA 24142
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  Seeing Child Soldiers Through a Child's Eyes 
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