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       A Center for Gender Studies Invited Address by
Dr. Geoffrey Pollick
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
                Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies  
                                 Radford University
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Presentation Location & Time: 
    Location: Heth 014 ~ Time: 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. ~ November 7th, 2018 ~  Radford University, Radford, VA.
Presentation Overview1
"This talk reviews research into the interaction between gender and religion as a field of incitement for broader forms of political and social activism. Gender matters for thinking about religion and social change, and for thinking about the functions of power in society. In particular, I focus on the issue of women’s religious leadership as a site at which these elements have come into play with significant impact on the shape of past political engagement in the United States. Specifically, I address the ordination of women among Protestant denominations during the second half of the nineteenth century. During this period, women cultivated a wide range of avenues through which to exercise religious leadership, but the official and institutional sanction of ordination to the clergy provides an especially acute measure for assessing attitudes concerning gender and authority".
Rev. Annis Ford  Eastman
"In contexts of civil subordination and professional exclusion, what motivations and strategies did women foster in order to pursue and attain ordination to the U.S. Protestant clergy? And, once they attained the status of official recognition as clergy, how did women leverage this professional status for political and social aims? In order to address this query, I use the case of one figure in particular, Rev. Annis Ford Eastman, who was ordained to the ministry of the  Congregational denomination in November of 1889. The story of her development intellectually, professionally, and as an activist yields unique insight into the debates concerning female gender and the administration of power in society."
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About Me
"As Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Radford University, I study the history and culture of religion in America. My scholarship emphasizes religion’s entanglements with political radicalism in the United States; the role and dimensions of religious liberalism; women’s religious leadership; critical theory and cultural history of religion; and religion in popular culture. My current research projects explore mutual influences between liberal Protestants and secular radicals in the prewar New York Left; the political and socintury; and the effects of consumer practice on collective identity foal dimensions of women’s ordination during the late nineteenth cermation among late-twentieth-century U.S. evangelical Christians. I teach courses that explore broad questions of religion's meanings and uses; comparative studies of religious difference; American religious history; surveys of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; religion in Latin America; and courses that consider the relationship between religion and the secular, and the role and definition of religious tolerance and intolerance."
  Education ~   Dr. Geoffery N. Pollick

   Ph.D.  Graduate Division of Religion
                       Drew University
      M.Phil.  en passant
                       Drew University
     M.A. Religion
                 Claremont School of Theology              B.A. Department of Religious Studies 
                       University of Puget Sound

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      Dr. Geoffery Pollick
      Religious Studies Voice: 540-831-5213
      Radford, VA 24142
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