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Student Associates & Interns: Center for Gender Studies
__2020 Academic Year__ 
The Center for Gender Studies depends heavily on the energy and enthusiasm of our student assistants and interns. They enable our efforts and represent our hopes for the future. We can not thank them enough for all that they do. The graduate student associate and other students active in the current academic year
are indicated immediately below.
Center for Gender Studies 2020-2021 Administrative Assistant
Mathew Brotherton
Graduate Student: Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Office Hours & Contact Info
Former Administrative Assistant Below
Lauren Buynack Office Hours & Contact Info  GS Lab Area
Dr. Ann Elliott ~ Center for Gender Studies Director
CHBS  Office Address & Hours   Above Graduate Assistant: Lauren Buynack B.S. Experimental Psychology
Former Student Associates - All Years

Prior 2017 Student Research Synposium

CCenter for Gender Studies Director: Dr. Ann Elliott (right) with 2017 RU Student Symposium Presenter: Rachel Datson  

Previous Center Projects  and Meetings with Former Director, Students & Board
2014 - 2015
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The Sudie Back and Susan Freedman
Awards for Distinguished Service

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