Rebecca L. Chapman
Undergraduate Student ~ Randolf-Macon Women's College
Translocation of Lead in English Ivy, with Applications in Phytoremediation*
The Eighth Annual
MARCUS Conference  at  Sweet Briar College
Saturday October 7, 2006
Rebecca L. Chapman
Presentation Abstract
Our investigation was focused on the translocation of lead ions through the “runners” of English Ivy. Ivy was harvested from the Randolph-Macon Women’s College campus, cut into sections (each containing two root systems) and planted with one root system in each of two containers. One container was treated with a 200 ppm lead solution while the other was watered with deionized water. Ivy was harvested at regular intervals, cut into sections, and digested using the EPA wet ash method. The lead content of each sample was determined using atomic absorption spectroscopy. Lead was observed to move through
the runners. The rate of translocation increased in the presence of chelating agents.

*Co-authors:  Amanda Leto and Dr. William Bare

For further information regarding this research, please email Rebecca L. Chapman

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