Self-Esteem, Locus of Control, College Adjustment, & GPA Among Students: 2012        Childhood 
Poly-Victimization: 2013
    Gendered pay attitudes & expectations    Childhood Maltreatment: 2009
    Previous self-views    
         surveys & research   
Childhood Sexual Abuse:
   2002    2006    2007
    Gender neutral tasks  Perceptions of power
   Women can be scientist
   too: Role model effects
Job perceptions &
  employee evaluations
Gendered dreams, Gendered fears: visions of future possible selves Daily diary incidents affecting possible selves
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Employment issues surveys   Job Perceptions & Employee Evaluations   Self-schema survey
Power questionnaire-2001   power questionnaires-2011
 Gender neutral tasks     Perceptions of power     Gendered dreams, Gendered fears
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