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Gender Issues
Sexual Violence: Prevention Strategies (2018) by the CDC  July 10
Women & Opioids: Something Different is Happening Here (2018) 
Gender & Victimization
National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence survey (NISVS)
Prevalence of sexual harassment 
Victimization, gender identity, and suicide risk
Gender & the Pay Gap
      Women Earrings by Race 

           and  Occupations
     AUW Race and the Pay Gap

Women can't win. Despite making educational gains and pursuing high-wage majors, women still earn less than men ~ 2018
The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap (Spring 2019) : An AAUW report
Earnings Over Time by Gender 
U.S. Women's Bureau
Gender Pay Gaps Reveal Bias
Shortchanged:: Women Earn Less Than Half of Men's Income

We Can Do It
When  Women Ruled
Feminine Power
Pandemic pushes back gender parity by a generation

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Sex and Gender 7th Edition
Dr. Hilary Lips
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Gender, Race, and the Pandemic
On the Frontlines at Work and at Home: The Disproportionate
Economic Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on
 Women of Color - Center for American Progress
COVID-19: A Gender Lens _UN Population Fund

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International Center for Research on Women  

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