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Are Women Still Worth Less?
How the Gender Pay Gap Reveals Bias and Undermines Equality
A Gender Studies Presentation

by Dr. Hilary Lips
Emerita  Professor & Research Faculty Member ~ Department of Psychology
  Office Address: CHBS 5108~ Box:  6946 ~ Telephone: 540-831-5387  
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Wednesday ~ February  28th ~ 2018  ~ CHBS 3009 ~ 5:00 to 6:00pm
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Presentation Abstract
Researchers have shown consistently that womenís work is valued less than menís. Studies show women are surrounded by messages that reinforce this notion: they meet with disapproval and rejection if they are seen as pushing too hard, asking for too much, self-promoting too vigorously, being too ambitious. Indeed, restraint in asserting oneís needs, rights, or value is, in some respects, the very definition of proper femininity. Research shows that young women often expect lower pay than men do, worry about aiming too high, and fret about combining career and family. A backdrop for these expectations is the gender pay gap: a concrete indicator of womenís and menís relative status and the imputed value of their work. I review data on the pay gap to illustrate its pervasiveness, consider some of its causes, and dispute arguments that the gap can be rationalized in terms of womenís choices. Finally, I discuss some of the effects of the pay gap on womenís lives
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Admission is Free  ~ The Public is Invited

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