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Center for Gender Studies Mission
The influence of teaching and learning about gender issues touches virtually every aspect of human life. The Center for Gender Studies is committed to providing women and men with knowledge and experience that facilitate intelligent and informed choice and communication regarding gender issues. Knowledge and experience empower individuals to function as competent decision makers in their own lives; sensitivity and awareness enable individuals to arrive at wise decisions and communicate them effectively. The Center seeks to serve as a responsible broker of gender-relevant knowledge and experience for students and other members of the academic community, which necessarily implies service to broader local, national, and international constituencies. The mission is global; the focus is on service to the multi-cultured society in which we live.
Center for Gender Studies Objectives
**To maintain resources for and models of excellence in gender-related teaching and research.
**To involve students in quality research, service, and building skills in domains where knowledge about gender is relevant.
**To gather and disseminate information which will further understanding of women and men, including knowledge developed through the Center's own research and other research findings.
**To support and promote campus and community efforts to provide access to gender-related information and experience through networking, clearinghouse activities, and cooperation with involved groups.
**To maintain high standards of excellence both in sponsorship of training and public service activities and in sponsorship of research publications/presentations.
**To encourage and support University recruitment of a diverse student body, faculty, and staff, especially insofar as these efforts ensure continuing significant presence of women's perspectives in the University.
**To implement consistent planning and evaluation of the Center's programs.
Center for Gender Studies' Director Highlights & Awards
2015    A New Psychology of Women: Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity, 4th edition, in Press with Waveland Press, Inc. Available March, 2016
2013    "Gender: the basics": by Dr. Hilary Lips,  Director: Center for Gender Studies
2011   CHBS' Distinguished Scholarship Award: Recipient Dr. Hilary Lips. From Radford University's College of Humanities & Behavioral  Sciences (CHBS) ~  August 2011 Studies
2008   "Sex & Gender: An Introduction, 6 Ed": by Dr. Hilary Lips
2006   "A New Psychology of Women: Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity. Third Edition": by Dr. Hilary Lips
1999   Fulbright New Zealand-United States Lecture Award:  Recipient Dr. Hilary Lips. From the Fulbright New Zealand US Scholar Awards for Americans lecturing and/or conducting research in any field
1998   Jessie Berrnard Award for Outstanding Contribution to Feminist Scholarship Paper Award presented by the National Council on Family Relations to Hilary Lips, Ph.D. and Susan Freedman, M.S.. Clinical Psychology, Radford University
1996   Award for Creative Scholarship presented to Dr. Hilary M. Lips by the Radford University Foundation, Inc ~ May 4, 1996
1992   Distinguished Publication Award for "Women, Men and Power" by Dr. Hilary Lips, the Association for Women in Psychology's 1992 book award winner.
*Annual reports are no longer published online
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