Hilary M. Lips
Center for Gender Studies' Founding Director: 1991 - 2019
Highlights & Awards
2020  "Sex & Gender: An Introduction, 7th Ed" by Dr. Hilary Lips
2019  "Gender: The Basics 2nd Edition" 2019 Routledge Press  by  Dr. Hilary M. Lips
2016  "A New Psychology of Women: Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity", 4th edition, by 
              Dr.Hilary M. Lips ~ Waveland Press, Inc. Available March, 2017
2015  Dr. Hilary M. Lips' Lifetime Achievement Award from Radford University's
              Women's Studies Program ~ December, 2015
2014  "Gender: the Basics": by Dr. Hilary Lips,  Center for Gender Studies
2011  CHBS' Distinguished Scholarship Award: Recipient Dr. Hilary Lips. From Radford
              University's College of Humanities & Behavioral  Sciences (CHBS) ~  August 2011
2008   "Sex & Gender: An Introduction, 6th Ed": by Dr. Hilary Lips
2006   "A New Psychology of Women: Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity. Third Edition" by 
              Dr. Hilary Lips
1999   Fulbright New Zealand-United States Lecture Award:  Recipient Dr. Hilary Lips
              From the Fulbright New Zealand US Scholar Awards for Americans lecturing and/or
              conducting research in any field
1998  Jessie Berrnard Award for Outstanding Contribution to Feminist Scholarship Paper               Award presented by the National Council on Family Relations to Hilary Lips, Ph.D.
              and Susan Freedman, M.S. Clinical Psychology, Radford University
1996   Award for Creative Scholarship presented to Dr. Hilary M. Lips by the Radford
              University Foundation, Inc ~ May 4, 1996
1994  Visiting Scholar, Interdisciplinary Program for Research on Gender,
             University of Costa Rica (January-April, 1994)
1994  Visiting Researcher, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
               Beijing (May, 1994)
1992  Distinguished Publication Award for "Women, Men and Power" by Dr. Hilary Lips, 
             the Association for Women in Psychology's 1992 book award winner.
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