Center for Gender Studies__
Founding Center Director: Hilary M. Lips, Ph.D.        
The Center for Gender Studies seeks to create a resource for and a model of excellence in gender-related teaching and research. The research and dissemination activities of the center provide important internships for teaching students about gender. Students receive training in conducting research on issues where gender is, or is suspected to be, a major factor. Through the activities of the center, opportunities for "learning through doing" are provided to undergraduate and graduate students. The center also provides a resource for information about gender issues and research to other departments and to the extra-university community.
Dr. Hilary Lips
Founding Director:
Center for Gender Studies
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Center History

    Books by Dr. Lips
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A New Psychology of Women, 4th Ed  2017 
                  ~  ~
Gender: the Basics  2019
                  ~  ~
Sex & Gender: An Introduction  6th ed
                  ~  ~
Women, Men and Power
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   Highlights & Awards
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The Center for Gender Studies has an advisory  Board with faculty and student members. For current and previous board participants click on Cgs-Board.   *To review Dr. Lips'  C.V., visit her RU web site

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