Hilary Lips Honored
      ~ for Distinguished Scholarship
              ~  at Radford University
                                       ~ August, 2011
Hilary Lips, professor in Radford University’s College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, is the recipient of the highest honor given by the college to its faculty.

Hilary Lips, chair of the Department of Psychology and a professor in that department, is the winner of the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences' (CHBS’s) Distinguished Distinguished Scholarship Award. The professor was selected by a committee of her peers. She received a plaque and $500 in professional development funding.
Dr. Lips’ research focuses on the gender pay gap and on intersections of gender, power, self-perceptions and achievement.

She has studied the academic self-views of university students, the “possible future selves” that young women and men imagine for themselves and the impact of role models on the academic self-views of women and men.

Dr. Lips also teaches courses in psychology of women and social psychology, and works with students on a variety of research projects. Many of these projects have occurred within the Center for Gender Studies.  In 1989, she oversaw the development of the Center, securing its formal approval from Radford University's Board of Visitor. Since 1989, she has been the Center's continuing director. For an overview of her scholarships and research see H. Lips' Complete C.V. For a brief overview, please visit Highlights and Awards on the Center for Gender Studies' Mission page.
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