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Eleanor E. Kemp Memorial Research Fund
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          To honor the memory of Dr. Eleanor E. Kemp, a dedicated teacher in the Department of Psychology for many years, a fund was established to encourage and support undergraduate research projects in psychology and psychology-related topics at Radford University.
Fund History

          The fund provides for one or more awards to be given in an academic year. Previously, the awards have been presented in March of the Spring Term, as one of the highlights of the Student Research Conferences on Gender. The awards are presented by Dr. Marie Waters, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at Radford University. As a life-long colleague and close friend of Eleanor Kemp, Dr. Waters oversaw the establishment of the Eleanor Kemp Fund.  Except for last year, the awards have been presented annually since 1992. Click on a year at the right to see the list of current and previous recipients.

   Dr. Eleanor E. Kemp


For more information and background concerning the awards and the importance of undergraduate research to Dr. Kemp, please feel free to contact Dr. Ann Elliott via email at:

   The terms and conditions governing the Kemp awards are listed below:

  • Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students conducting a research project under the supervision of one or more faculty members at Radford University.
  • The proposed project must show promise of either publication or presentation at a professional meeting, and the student must show evidence of pursuing publication and/or presentation opportunities.
  • Special, but not exclusive, emphasis will be given to projects in experimental social psychology and/or with a focus on gender or women.
  • Awards may range from $25 to $250, and may include reimbursement for documented expenditures, or expenses involved in travel to a professional meeting for presentation.
  • Award decisions will be made by a committee constituted by the Center for Gender Studies, and will be announced two weeks after deadline submissions.

Interested students are invited to apply!

Application forms may be obtained from the
Center for Gender Studies Office
4400 CHBS

call 831-6644
for more information

Deadline for Fall Submissions - October 30th, 2016
Deadline for Spring Submissions - February 5th, 2017

Applications may be completed and submitted on-line
by clicking

The Eleanor Kemp Fund On-line Application
The Eleanor Kemp Fund PDF Application

     To obtain a printable, hardcopy,
click on

Eleanor Kemp Fund Printable Application

Kemp Award History & Presentations
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