Women & Men's Perceptions of Self as Powerful Persons

as developed & investigated by
Hilary M. Lips, Ph.D.
Previous Psychology Dept Chair  & Founding Director: Center for Gender Studies
     The original power studies surveys of women's and men's self perceptions in regard to three powerful, career role areas: CEO, Political Leadership and Directors of Scientific Research Centers were modified in preparation for a second study. The initial stages of the second power study by graduate student  Kayla Huntley, "Self in Powerful Roles: Perceptions and Views", were completed in the Spring, 2011. In this second phase, the initial questionnaire was modified in regard to one of the career role areas and research using the modified survey began in January, 2011. Further data collection is now scheduled to continue through the Fall of 2011. It will be conducted with assistance of Radford University students Natisha Gomes, Savannah Simpson, and Maribel Street . Their continuing help with this important work is deeply appreciated.
     For a summary of research presentations and publications resulting from studies using this questionnaire, please see the relevant aspects Dr. Lips' Complete CV

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