Working Women from an Earlier Era
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  Women at Work: 1942 - 1943  
Rosie "the riveter" Monroe
  Rosie, "The Riveter", Monroe1  
1CREATOR: Hollem, Howard R. TITLE: Riveter at work on Consolidated bomber,
  Consolidated Aircraft Corp., Fort Worth, TX.
SUMMARY: Close-up of woman crouching, riveting.
DATE: 1942 Oct.
NOTE: Made for the Office of War Information. CALL NUMBER (surrogates): P&P videodisc 1A-34953;
also b&w photograph in LOT 12002-19. REPRODUCTION NUMBER: LC-USW361-423 (35 mm color slide)
Rosie Pictures: Select Images Relating to American Women Workers During World War II
The Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division
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