Students' Academic Self-views
as developed & investigated by
Hilary M. Lips, Ph.D.
Emerita Professor & Research Psychology Faculty Member 2015 to Present
Psychology Dept Chair 2003--2014 &  Founding Director: Center for Gender Studies

The L.A.S.S. scale for assessing students' academic self-views, a scale already developed and administered to upper-level university students, has been administered to a series of first-year classes at the university, in order to obtain data on freshmen and sophomore students [ LASS Online Disconnected ]. With these new data, we now have information on over 1500 university students, spanning the levels of freshman to senior.  This makes it possible to examine patterns of divergence and convergence of women's and men's views regarding their current and possible academic self-views across levels of university experience. The data have been entered into computer files and have been analyzed.
Data on the L.A.S.S. have also been collected from two high school samples from Tennessee, one from upper New York State and one from southwest Virginia. We are looking for several other school boards to try to find additional high school samples.  The high school data, collected thus far, have also been entered into computer files and are being analyzed.
Further details have been provided via on-campus presentations. The L.A.S.S. forms the basis for research on students' current and possible, academic self-views. It is currently available online for Radford University undergraduates.
This research has been funded, in part, by a two year grant from the Saint Albans Foundation, by the Radford University Foundation and through material and technical support from the Department of Psychology. The Center for Gender Studies and the Director greatly appreciate this support and thank the Foundation for their funding.

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