Ashely Figueiredo
undergraduate student ~ Sweet Briar College
Ashley Figueiredo
Plasma Surface Modification of PMMA-POSS
The Eighth Annual
MARCUS Conference  at  Sweet Briar College
Saturday October 7, 2006

Presentation Abstract
PMMA-POSS [poly (methacryl isobutul polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane –co-methyl methacrylate] is a nanocomposite polymer which exhibits properties between glass and organic thin films. In order to characterize thin films of PMMA-POSS, Ta was magnetron sputter-coated onto a 4” (100) Si wafers to create a smooth surface for PMMA_POSS deposition. A 2.0 mg/ml solution of 45% PMMA-POSS in CHC13 was spun-cast onto the Si, and the samples were then plasma-treated at 25 W under various conditions. The thickness of the PMMA-POSS layer was measured via ellipsometry and contact angles of deionized H20 on the surface were calculated. XPS results as well as a model to explain changes in plasma-treated surface chemistry of PMMA-POSS based films will be discussed.

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